Keeping Your Home and Property Secure

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Our first tip will cost just a bit of cash, but it is well worth it. Ensure that you have a deadlock fitted in your outside doors. A deadlock needs a key to rotate the cylinder and it is quite different from a spring loaded lock that’s a lot less secure. Call a locksmith and receive this attended too straight away.

Next time you will need a new lock fitted. Make sure your new lock as a limited key. In essence this means your key can’t be easily copied. The keys are optimized and can only be reproduced by an authorised representative of the lock maker.

If you maintain a ladder in the backyard, you might be making it a simpler for a burglar to get an open upstairs window. Get a solid lock and chain and attach it to something fixed, or string it to a heavy weight or perhaps to a bike. This can make it very hard to use unless you’ve got the key.

When you go off on vacation, or are away from home, use timers for safety. Set up three or more timers in various rooms of the home to turn off and on lights and a radio through the day and evening. This will make it seem as if someone’s in the home and should help deter thieves.

You can purchase small wireless video cameras quite cheaply nowadays, and being wireless, they are quite easy to install. They generally have a variety of approximately 30 yards and can transmit a picture to your TV or recorder. How they’re there will deter many thieves and the will of course allow you to monitor activity around Your House

But the more unusual your car is, the less likely it’s to me stolen. If you put decorative stickers or other adornments in your automobile that make it non-standard, the more likely you are to prevent it being stolen
7) Do not forget the shed
If you store things in the shed (as the majority of us do) like bicycles, lawnmowers and tools, here is a fantastic tip. Receive a chain and padlock and shackle bigger items together. It’s quite tricky to steal a bike if it’s a lawnmower attached to it!

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